There’s some relatively big news out of Salt Lake today, the likes of which haven’t been seen since men were told they could stay in their shorts and eat pizza while watching General Priesthood Meeting.

Per LDS Church spokeshuman Dale Jones, Mormon leaders speaking in the upcoming General Conference will have the option of delivering their remarks in their native tongue. English subtitled – not dubbing – will appear on screen during their remarks.

That’s right, friends. Now with General Conference you will not only be spiritually fed, but can also walk away feeling cultured and enlightened from having to read subtitles, thus also giving you loads of art house cinema cred.

This new opportunity does not appear to be mandatory by any means, but as general Church leadership has brought in far more non-English speakers in recent years due to fast international growth, it only makes sense to allow these poor brothers and sisters to speak in their native tongue rather than what is often highly unintelligible English.

Next up, a Spanish-language-shot temple film, perhaps?

No word yet on whether dubbing will be provided for those speaking with Utah accents.