184th Semiannual General Conference Tag Clouds

Sunday Afternoon
Per tradition, we bring you General Conference tag clouds from the most recent #LDSCONF. Check them out. Analyze. Share your thoughts. Pin to boards!

As we’ve been doing for years, we’ve put together tag clouds using Wordle for the latest iteration of General Conference. We love using tag clouds as a way to visualize text and look for any trends session-to-session, as well as overall. For the uninitiated, a tag cloud is a visual representation of a set of chosen words, with the most prominent words showing up larger in the image. We used all of the text from each session of the most recent General Conference to produce each cloud.

Perhaps one of the most interesting contrasts is between the Priesthood Session and the Women’s Meeting (not to get into a gender dispute). Per usual, the word “priesthood” trends highly in the former session, but what trends the most with the ladies? “Temple.” Interesting where emphasis is placed.

On a housekeeping note, we’ve omitted any “In the name of…” closing from each talk, not out of disrespect toward the Savior, but to avoid skewing the results due to the repetitious nature of the way we Mormons often close talks. Also, we did not include the sustaining of officers, as that is not a talk and it follows a script. In addition, the clouds automatically omit filler words and prepositions. This way the biggest word isn’t “and” or “of.”

So check them out and let us know your thoughts. What speaks to you and what surprises you? And if you haven’t yet listened to our General Conference recap podcast from this week, give it a listen.

 October 2014 General Conference – All Sessions

All SessionsLDSCONF2014

Women’s Meeting

Women's MeetingLDSCONF2014

 Saturday Morning Session

Saturday Morning SessionLDSCONF2014

Saturday Afternoon Session

Saturday Afternoon SessionLDSCONF2014


Priesthood Session

Priesthood SessionLDSCONF2014

 Sunday Morning Session

Sunday Morning SessionLDSCONF2014

Sunday Afternoon Session

Sunday Afternoon SessionLDSCONF2014

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