Our reaction to the Church’s new “transparency” essays on polygamy. We really love this one and think is is among the most useful set of essays available for those who struggle with this aspect of church history.

The Church updates its much-lauded temple garment video to excise eight seconds of footage of someone who was once charge with criminal behavior. Eight seconds. Why does this matter? Interesting.

In following up from our essay last week on changing temple sealing practices, the Provo Herald Tribune cited us, as well as venerated site LDS.net. We are amazing. We are This Week in Mormons.

Pope Francis is on board with evolution. Mormons have been on board with a mix of creation and evolution for some time, but that’s not to say we haven’t faced our own rocky road to get to where we are. And Al says all sorts of inappropriate things about the creation. Yay!

BYU-Idaho received a shooting threat, but it was only a threat, and they went to quick and effective lengths to remedy the situation.

The Church produces a powerful video about suicide and depression. We love this. It’s great to see the Church moving beyond, “Gaining a testimony of the Restoration will fix your woes” to, “Testimony or not, we all need help sometimes.” Very positive.

Prince Ata of Tonga wants to be baptized into the Mormon Church, but his family won’t allow him to do so, going as far as to send soldiers to stop the baptism from happening.

Lindsey Stirling to take part in another Church live Q&A. We don’t like Reddit.

Are trunk or treats awful? Must we rid ourselves of them?

Other news: Noelle Pikus-Pace arm wrestles Sheri Dew, MLB pitcher Jeremy Guthrie talks about his mission, teens are charged with vandalizing an LDS chapel, and Utahans want two newspapers, but if it has to be one, then just Deseret News.