We need to be careful with how we mix politics and faith. Political posturing from the pulpit, whether that pulpit is tangible or in the form of a blog, is dangerous. Enter Mark Paredes, noted blogger for Jews and Mormons, who caused quite the stir last week in his blog about Harry Reid not being temple worthy, and how Democrats, in general, cannot possibly be temple worthy. And all of this was couched in his calling as a bishop, so there’s that. Time for us to discuss!

The media has been slow to pick up on the polygamy essays published a few weeks ago on LDS.org, but boy are they into it now. It’s everywhere. Why?

Steve Young turned down a cameo in There’s Something About Mary. There’s that.

A BYU student is arrested after allegedly having a meth lab in his apartment. His roommates are the most discerning young men in all of Mormondom.

Other stuff: Jeremy Guthrie is on the speaking circuit; a Cardston, Alberta man uses a church building as his own personal club; the barbarianism of rodeos; new Church history sites in Pennsylvania; a third stake in Pittsburgh; and lots more. Make sure to listen in!


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Don't be like this.

Don’t be like this.