Email lists. We all use them for one thing or another. However, not since they heyday of LDS Gems have members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a prominent, regular and reliable form of inspirational messaging delivered right to one’s inbox. Sure, many of us in the private sector have created our own (you can sign up for ours here!), but like many things in this age of the Church’s newfound love of social media and marketing, allowing the plebeians to run with the ball just won’t cut it anymore. Salt Lake steppeth in.

The Church has now added email subscriptions to one’s account, and there are two types of subscriptions you can manage. One of them (checked by default; tsk tsk tsk) is for inspirational messages, uplifting media, etc. ┬áThe other (which doesn’t deserve to be checked by default?) is to be notified of service and volunteer opportunities. We recommend both, but honestly, you’ll do more good by checking the latter than the former.

It’s all pretty easy to set up, but for anyone who’s bewildered, we’ll walk you through it.

Chances are most of us log in with our LDS account by first visiting If you are one of the strange folks who goes straight to the LDS Account page, then skip this step.

Once on, sign into your account via the drop-down on the right.


After visiting the login page, you’ll be refreshed back to the homepage, except you’ll see your name in the upper righthand corner. Go back to the drop-down and you’ll see an option for “Account Settings.”



Now you are in the wonderland known as your LDS Account management. This is your gateway to all domains and subdomains that require an LDS login (FamilySearch, Distribution Center, etc.).

You’ll see on the left four tabs related to your account. The new “Email Subscriptions” one is on the bottom.


From here it’s all pretty straightforward. If you have multiple email accounts associated with your login, you can select which one will receive subscription emails from the dropdown. If you want to add a different email to your account and use that one specifically for the Church’s email list, add it on the “Contact and Recovery” tab, wait for the verification email, then return to your account page and select it from the dropdown. I added my email in all of one minute.

You’ll see that you can also change the preferred language for your emails, as well, in case you are still pining away for the mission days in Brazil. (As an aside, had you served in Spain, you would be much, much happier today.)

We’re told that eventually there will also be a “My Calling” subscription option that will send you emails geared specifically around your calling. The Church is finally merging MLS data with your LDS login, and this will even extend to the LDS Tools app. (We’ll write about LCR, MLS’ replacement, another time.)

So that’s basically it. You may now join the Church’s mailing list and enjoy the continued benefits of being a member of the Church. This is a small, but nice little step.