Mormon Church Issues Survey on Same-Sex Attraction at

mormonsandgaysFlyerNot to be outdone by the survey on gender issues in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that permeated every corner of social media a few weeks ago (sidenote: you can leave feedback on perceived bias in that survey here), the Church has issued a survey via its website which seeks to measure the perceived effectiveness of the website itself and the desired outcome from visiting the website for a user.

The survey is significantly shorter than the gender studies one, but that’s also an apples/oranges comparison in terms of survey goal, content, and publisher.

For many, has been perceived as a resource on how “everyday” Mormons can love and understand gays in their ranks, but aside from those aims, the site contains less content aimed at gays themselves. Based on the survey, the Church likely wishes to create more engaging content for gay Mormons, asking questions such as whether the website helps one “feel understood” or “find help.”

The survey can be accessed here and will take less than five minutes to complete.