Are Mormon Institutes Failing?

A new YouTube video goes after the alleged shortcomings of the Mormon Institute program and CES as a whole.

The Church Educational System (CES) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has born its share of criticism over the years. The past few years have seen a push for transparency by the LDS Church via its series of essays on These essays and LDS glasnost are not-so-coincidentally coming at a time of greater attrition from the Church due to members discovering information online, having questions, not finding answers, experiencing crises of faith, and eventually leaving the fold. At least that’s the simplified version of it.

Moderately popular YouTube channel thatmormonboy has published a video takedown of the failings of the CES system, arguing that CES is intended to be college-level coursework without actual academic rigor, and the essays will not be enough to ebb the tide of attrition unless we rethink our approach to CES.

This isn’t to say that CES doesn’t have plenty of merit, and countless folks derive great pleasure and spiritual edification from attending Institute courses. CES is certainly a good thing. We’re not editorializing one way or the other.

If you can get past the use of craptastic band OneRepublic at the start of things, check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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