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Hi friends! For some reason, the current priesthood and Relief Society manual has 26 lessons even though there are only 24 possible Sundays to have said lessons. Could this be the Church just allowing auxiliaries to choose what fits their specific groups best? Potentially.

Or someone said, “So there are 52 weeks in a year and we have lessons from Teachings of the Presidents of the Church half the Sundays in the month… 26!”

Either way, there’s a chance you might skip some of these lessons, so here they are in all their glory!

Chapter 24: The Work of Latter-day Saint Women: “Unselfish Devotion to This Glorious Cause”

It’s a lesson for the ladies, and also a lesson to help the men appreciate the ladies. Camille McConnell of is with us. Why is it important to know of the good women do in the Church? How does understanding our responsibilities as Latter-day Saints further enable us to serve?

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Chapter 25: The Birth of Jesus Christ: “Good Tidings of Great Joy”

During this wonderful time of year, let us commemorate and marvel at the birth of the Savior. How is the story of His birth a fitting precursor to His mortal ministry? Why did Christ come into the world? How is he just like us in the way he had to learn line upon line?

Chapter 26: Preparing for the Coming of Our Lord

There’s a fair chance your class skipped this lesson, so this might be your only chance to hear it! We talk about how to prepare for the Second Coming. Should we dread it? How do we know His coming is near? Grady is again with Camille McConnell of Use the promo code “MARY15? at receive 15% off any order before 2015.