Let’s all get in on the new #ShareTheGift Christmas campaign. Good times.

The Church will now employ monthly email messaging. You can navigate your email list options from your LDS Account.

Will the Brethren ever get better at social media? Al wants pictures of Elder Oaks negotiating to buy a car. Would you watch that? We would.

Saints in Provo set a world record for… largest nativity ever. Yeah. It’s nice, don’t get us wrong. It just looks weird. Like a KKK rally.

In the ongoing debate on journalistic integrity in Utah, Deseret News refuses to run an ad for some polygamy books because it’s “too hot a topic,” even though the Tribune shared the ad buy with DesNews and ran it. It’s a mess.

What are the best gifts to send missionaries this holiday? Hint: one of them you should already be sending!

Do mission presidents live too swanky of a lifestyle? Some interesting thoughts from a very biased source.

Also: Utah’s Mormon population continues to rise; what the “Mormon Moment” really accomplished; a bankrupt woman is allowed to keep her “family bible,” or a first edition Book of Mormon in this case; a Mormon-based Cards Against Humanity crowd-funded game; and the St. George Temple gets lit!

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