Russell Stevenson, The Mormon History Guy, is back! And he’s got a great new book entitled For the Cause of Righteousness: A Global History of Blacks and Mormons, 1830-2013. Russell is kind enough to spend over an hour with us on this jumbo-sized show, discussing the history of blacks in the church, priesthood ordination, polygamy, and tons of other stuff in Church history, like how Fijians were descendants of Cain. Yeah.

Great, great times with Mr. Stevenson, and we encourage you to pick up his book! Listen in for a promo code that we can’t necessarily honor!

There’s still some other news, such as Mormon involvement in the so-called “torture report.” It’s ugly. Should Latter-day Saints care about this? Some are even upset that we discuss more issues like gay marriage, chastity, modesty, etc., but stay silent on something as serious as torture.

Also, guys, bridal showers are out of control. Way out of control.

Why do Mormons love Brian Regan so much? Are you one of them?

Dedication dates for the Payson Utah and Córdoba Argentina Temples!

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