Episode #255 – Provo Redux

Let's turn back time to 2010, before there was a "Mormon Moment," and revisit a time when we conducted interviews on the streets of Provo about Mormonism.

Let’s turn back the clock to 2010 when there was no “Mormon Moment.” We visited Provo then in what we thought would be a snarky attempt to ask people about those mysterious Mormons, but what transpired was far more interesting than we could have planned.

So join us as we revisit a very important segment that the majority of you probably have never heard, since we had about six listeners back then.

This is a throwback show, folks. But also, because news.

BYU brawls with Memphis. Come on!

BYU wants to buy Y Mountain.

Will missionaries go to Cuba?

Al is on death’s door, so keep him in your prayers.

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