Happy New Year to you all! We are back and ready to rock.

And what Mormon news is there, you ask? There is much. And we have a grand time discussing it.

Will missionaries go to Cuba? Don’t hold your breath. Listen in for a fine breakdown of United States diplomacy and foreign policy. Oh, and Mormonism.

Feminist Mormon Housewives will publish stories and quotes from Chieko Okazaki to accompany the Ezra Taft Benson manual. Are you into this?

BYU can now buy the Y on Y Mountain because they need it. Ya gotta have it. Cause you need it.

Do we sometimes attempt to make God in our own image? A blogger takes down a piece over at Rational Faiths, but it’s all too black and white for our tastes. Can we disagree with counsel from the Prophet while still sustaining him?

There will be new missions in 2015, including one in Orem, Utah and Wisconsin!

A source says we’ll be getting new Church-produced films about the restoration of the priesthood, and the films will include footage of Joseph Smith translating via stones in a hat. Should be interesting.

Will you be watching TLC’s My Husband Is Not Gay series that chronicles happily married Mormon men who admit to same-sex attraction? It should be a winner. And based on TLC’s impeccable record, we can expect mature, even-handed treatment of sensitive subject matter.

Will Mitt Romney run in 2016? Elder W. Craig Zwick’s son says yes. Maybe.

Remember those robbers in Las Vegas who posed as missionaries to get into peoples’ homes? Well they got sentenced: seven-t0-life.

The Idaho Falls and Freiberg, Germany temples are going down for major rehabs. Details to follow.

Meet the Mormons is coming to visitors centers! Now you really have no excuse. We’re upgrading this from Recommended to Commandment.

Other stuff: A new Gallup poll shows that Mormons attend church weekly at a higher rate than the church’s actual activity rate; Top Ten missionary welcome home videos; and more!


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