Episode #257 – Unsubscribe Me

"My Husband's Not Gay" blows up the Internet; Awesome modest fashion magazines; LDS Employment woes; high council fun; and we're not apostates, you monkeys!

Hey! We’re pro-Church, folks! Get it? Let’s set the record straight. We are severely LDS.

With that out of the way, the new US Congress is in session, and we have some stats on the Mormon makeup within it. Also, Senator Orrin Hatch is now third in line for the presidency. That’s the closest a Mormon has been to the big chair!

We love Celestial Shine Magazine. Seriously. It is a beacon of journalistic winning. It is the place for talk on fashion and modesty while still showing shoulders. Shoulders! It is also worthy of a Peabody.

The Church is busy helping out with refugees in Iraq. We love seeing more of this and wish we’d see even more.

TLC’s “reality” series My Husband’s Not Gay has WAAAAAY jumped the shark in the popular psyche, and it hasn’t even aired. GLAAD and other groups are speaking out against the perceived social damages of the show. Also, it’s a show, not a documentary.

Some allegedly existing place called Roosevelt, Utah received vandalism to its church building. We’re looking for proof that Roosevelt exists.

What were some of the victories and failures for the Church in 2014 in terms of growth? The fine folks at Cumorah.com have a rundown of the 10 best and 10 worst things. Great stuff for you stats lovers.

Are missionary homecomings out of control? Probably. This is what happens when you build a TRAX line to the airport. We can’t let these people have mobility, Utah! Come on!

Do you love LDS Employment Services? Why not?

And Al has some big news!


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