Episode #259 – I Swear I Was Just Making Soap

John Dehlin hits the fan; SCOTUS is set to rule on gay marriage; What is modesty, really? BYU meth labs; Upcoming temple dedications; and much, much love.

Welcome to this glorious week of awesomeness and truth!

The Supreme Court of the United States is finally going to weigh in on gay marriage. This is a big deal. There are three likely possible outcomes and a few key areas under consideration. We’ll help you make sense of it here.

John Dehlin has a hearing date regarding potential excommunication. The bloggernacle is up in arms. What does this mean to you? Is there a witch hunt on for Mormon liberals? Let us know your take, but make sure to listen in for our thoughts on it all. Admittedly, when comparing John Dehlin and Kate Kelly, it’s shocking that action came swiftly and decisively toward the latter and not the former.

Hey! Marriages to so-perceived gay men end in divorce. Funny how that works.

The Church wins its lawsuit against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Canadian polygamist offshoot that can now no longer be known by its name because the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn’t want there to be confusion between the two. LDS Salt Lake beats LDS British Columbia.

What defines true modesty? It’s not what you’d think. Some great principles here.

The BYU student who was arrested for having a meth lab in his bedroom, but claimed he was just making soap, has now pled guilty, asserting that he was making both soap and meth. Meth soap!

Other stuff: a cool missionary workout video, dedication dates for the Indianapolis Indiana and Trujillo Peru Temples; a Southern California church building gets vandalized; the Gateway shopping center in Salt Lake City is falling apart.

Also, more talk on R-rated movies!

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