Episode #260 – #Freedom4Eva

The LDS Church fights for equal rights for LGBT persons while stressing the need for "balance" with religious liberty. Is this progress or more of the same?

Big news of the week: the Church’s press conference about religious liberty and anti-discrimination. It’s been met with mixed reactions from various corners of the commentary kingdom, some citing the Church’s embrace of LGBT rights as landmark, while others arguing that the “religious protections” proposed equate to little more than an excuse to legally discriminate.

Admittedly, there are pros and cons to the entire thing, and we have our analysis in this episode. There’s really no perfect answer, and we’d love it if you shared your thoughts on it with us.

And because we think the proposed hashtag #Fairness4All is super lame, we are using #Freedom4Eva and hope you will all join us in our quest to utilize numbers for a purpose reminiscent of tween texting.

In Alaska, did you know you can attend church by phone? It’s awesome how the Church extends itself into whatever medium available to allow the saints to worship. This Alaska Bush Branch story is great. It begs to be covered by NPR.

Should BYU be abolished? Al thinks so.

Have any of you had missionary open houses at your buildings? Are they worthwhile? What would you do the same and what would you change?

In shocking news, LDS.org will evolve over time. No more will a site be static from now into time immemorial. It will evolve!

Times and Seasons announced their Mormon of the Year, and the result is… fine.

We are also up for some Wheaties awards over at Wheat and Tares! You should vote for us for Best Podcast!!!!!

Other stuff: 10 Amazing Mormon civil rights leaders; BYU-Idaho gets a new president; a missionary dies in Mexico; a mission mom dies in Salt Lake City

Also, Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. Winning.


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