John Dehlin on Trib Talk, Defends Self Against Self

John Dehlin will appear on the Salt Lake Tribune's Trib Talk, hosted by Jennifer Napier-Pearce, to defend allegations of apostasy.


*Update* John’s disciplinary council has been moved to Feb. 8

John Dehlin has had a rough year, and here at This Week in Mormons, we welcome all of your points of view on his work’s perceived merits or failures, wherever on the spectrum you may be.

With Dehlin facing a church disciplinary court this coming Sunday in which excommunication is likely, the Mormon Stories founder is hitting the press hard, a tactic which he feels likely helped him stave off excommunication back in June during Kate Kelly’s run-in with church authorities and subsequent excommunication.

So if you love all things John Dehlin (or love-hate all things John Dehlin), check out the live Trib Talk below, hosted by the excellent Jennifer Napier-Pearce. Be prepared for the usual Dehlin talking points, but either way, you might as well hear it from the horse’s mouth instead of the New York Times. Or us, for that matter. But we do hope you’ll keep hearing it from us.

The Trib Talk will start at 12:15 PM MST and you can watch it right here.

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