New LDS Church Survey on Temple Garments

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Interested respondents can now offer feedback on Mormon temple garments via a new survey at


Mormons have seen their sacred temple garments be brought into the limelight in the past few months. Surely, many of you remember the informative video released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the sacred nature of garments and temple clothing. Many of us were stunned to see temple robes captured in 1080p right in front of our eyes.

But as special as garments and temple clothing are, their fit and style haven’t always been beloved by the masses. History buffs will know that garments were originally all one piece, and the sleeves went to the wrists while the pants went to the ankles. Haute fashion.

Even today, expectant mothers often complain about discomfort wearing garments while pregnant.

However, regardless of one’s sartorial woes with garments, something I personally love is how amenable to change the Church really is, and the offerings available for garments are no exception. Over the years, lengths for legs and arms have shortened, various materials and styles have been produced, the garment itself has been split in two. (As a sidenote, don’t just wear half of the thing. It defeats the purpose. It’s one garment split into two pieces for the sake of functionality. You are wearing a garment, not garments.)

Now the Church has put out a survey about garments and temple clothes, and it’s evident that it’s curious where our priorities are when it comes to purchasing the sacred clothing.


The survey is full of questions about body sizes, which parts of Garment-taggarments fit well and which parts are too snug or too loose, and even allows the respondent to input the month and year of manufacture on their garments. Because the text on those tags totally doesn’t wear off in six months.

There is also a section on ceremonial temple clothing, but it’s just one open-ended question. I’m not sure who is going to have the gall to complain about those.

In some ways, it’s a pity the survey doesn’t require the input of a temple recommend number in order to pass a screener, as that would prevent any really, really bored trolls from messing with the results, but I also think many of us would be uncomfortable having to log in using a temple recommend number.

Hit up the survey below.


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