There are few places on earth with as much pent-up sensual, sexual, and emotional aggression as BYU. So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by giving students the opportunity to quite literally beat a heart into oblivion?

Created by the BYU AdLab, one of the only university-owned and -run functional ad agencies in the country, students walking through the quad (the one between the SWKT, JSB, Eyring Center, etc.) were treated to a giant heart-shaped piñata and given the chance to abuse it to their collective heart’s content.

However, this heart was not full of candy, which would have been totally awesome and appropriate. Instead, it was full of packing peanuts and strips of paper containing phone numbers of would-be lovers! OK, so maybe that’s actually more appropriate than candy.

As the love-starved students descended upon the phone numbers like condors to carrion, many were giddy at the opportunity to call a random phone number and see what the diggity was. Will marriages come from this? Who knows. Will NCMO? Undoubtedly.

Check out the video below accompanied by what is presumably an unlicensed Bon Jovi soundtrack.