This week’s lead story is, of course, the excommunication of podcaster and Open Stories Foundation founder John Dehlin. The Church has been a bit more open this time around, perhaps having learned lessons from the Kate Kelly ordeal last year. Either way, there is more information available to all of us than there was before.

So what constitutes apostasy? Is it for having questions? Is it for having questions publicly? Is it for pushing one’s views in such a realm that others adopt said views, leading them astray? Is it publicly expressing disagreement with the Church over core doctrines?

None of us are thrilled when someone gets excommunicated, and it’s important to remember that while many of you say “courts of love” with snark and a wink, that love is real, and many of you have firsthand experiences with disciplinary councils.

There’s also other news, such as the Church moving away from pensions in favor of 401(k)s. Ick.

Some missionaries in New Zealand were attacked, but they rocked it. Another missionary took a selfie every day for two years and shared it as a video. Kinda neat.

How do we improve Internet access in our buildings. The key is to Not. Use. The. WiFi. Just don’t use it!

Ever been curious about the religious affiliations of the United States Congress? We’ve got you covered.

Elder Oaks holds a fireside to tell kids not to hang out. So stop hanging out! But does Elder Oaks understand Tinder? That is the question.

Other stuffs: Floods in Reno! Mormon Yankees! A woman offers to take lashes for Saudi prisoners! The Lost Book of Mormon!

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