Maps are an awesome way to convey data. I’m a huge maphead (currently binging on How the States Got Their Shapes on Netflix), and I love this new exercise in cartography from the Washington Post that shows the religious affiliation of each member of the US Congress by congressional district.

To no one’s surprise, Utah is entirely Mormon and now entirely Republican after GOP rising star Mia Love took over the seat vacated by retired Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson (who is also LDS).

Surprisingly, though, Idaho’s representation in the House is also 100% LDS, making Utah and Idaho the only two states with House members all of the same faith.

Other Mormons are scattered throughout the country, but it’s clear Arizona needs to step up its game if we are to have a united Mormon front from Canada to Mexico. After all, isn’t that how Brigham Young envisioned it in the first place?

But don’t hold your breath –  northern and southern Arizona are Democratic strongholds, and unless another Matheson shows him or herself, Tucson shall remain in the hands of the rebels.

Before seeing this map, I had no idea we had a Hindu member of Congress (from Hawaii!), which is rad. We’ve also moved up from one Muslim to two.

You might notice a few blank areas, like what is clearly Madison, Wisconsin, Mendocino County, CA, Portland, Oregon, and others. These are areas with an irreligious congressperson. You may break down the cultural significance of that as you will. I’ll just say this: if you know anything about Mendocino County, then you know. You know!

There’s lots of other good data here, so check out the entire breakdown over at WaPo.