The Church is embroiled in a lawsuit over water rights in Nevada. You see, there isn’t much water in Nevada, and the Church sits on top of a lot of it. Las Vegas casinos want it. Who will win?!

John Dehlin has reversed course and decided to appeal his excommunication, but basically on grounds of a mistrial. It’s interesting.

Speaking of discipline, a blogger who decided polygamy was not a divine commandment, but the will of man, is allegedly facing some sort of discipline from his stake president if he doesn’t pull down his blog post. We can’t confirm what is second-hand hearsay, but we say the man is not a prominent thinker and can publish what he wants. But again, where’s the line? We gotta find the line.

Elder Holland says we’ll have 100,000 missionaries by 2019. But is this a prophecy or a projection?!

Ancient cities are discovered in Honduras! Book your ticket for our Book of Mormon history tour today!

What are the top 21 Mormon temples? We’ll tell you.

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