We’ve long loved the Tijuana Mexico Temple, mostly because its design is one of the first to reflect The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ recent initiative to make temple architecture better reflect the culture and history of the area it will serve. (Except, of course, the Rome Italy Temple, which seems to be some sort of intentional run against the grain.)

Announced in the October 2010 Semiannual General Conference, the Tijuana Mexico Temple will be dedicated on 13 December 2015 following a two-week public open house that will run 13-28 November 2015. A cultural celebration will be held on Saturday, 12 December.

Currently, saints from ten stakes across Baja California and Northwest Sonora attend the San Diego California Temple, and although cross-border commutes in the San Diego area are common, there have been many instances of temple workers and patrons being held up at the border and refused entry into the United States.

However, it is unlikely the temple is merely a matter of border control convenience. Ten stakes on the Mexican side of the lineĀ is nothing to scoff at (five of those stakes have been organized since 1996), and the San Diego Temple will chug along just fine with the remaining 17 stakes in its district.

No longer will San Diegans feel the pull to cross into TJ just for lowbrow shopping and cheap prescription drugs. Now there will be a fun temple open house to attend! And this is one of the cooler temple designs in some time, so we hope those who are able to attend in either country will make the trek.

The Tijuana Mexico Temple will be the thirteenth temple in Mexico and the first in the country since the Monterrey Mexico Temple in 2002.