A fun little listicle. You know you’ve some of these before. But have you heard all? Share below and check out the full list.

Everyone on their missions heard of rumors, myths, and legends. Did you know they were all almost universal and probably not true, or exaggerated (hopefully)? If you recognize some of these, let us know! Let’s see how many missions all over the world these stories were shared in. Get ready for a good laugh!

1) Secret combinations. Such as: Quorum of the 12 Apostates. You always had to do some very apostate thing to get in.

2) Elders and Sisters using the baptismal font as a hot tub. The story always ends with President Hinckley coming down and filling the font with cement.

3) Sister missionaries filling up their car with water and praying that it will turn into gas.

4) You know someone who knows someone who got a secret assignment from the Prophet to go to China to open up a new mission.

5) One time Elder Holland was at a BYU devotional and someone asked him “Why can’t we have beards if Jesus had a beard?” Elder Holland replies: “He didn’t have one the last time I saw him.”
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