3. Layton Utah


Argument for:

This is a popular one in temple prediction circles, and you might scratch your head, “Layton?! But… Ogden! Bountiful! Brigham City! Lagoon! (We all have different types of temples in our hearts.) Membership in northern Davis County and parts of southern Weber County has been impressive of late, even by stereotypical Utah standards.

But also, look at the geography and demographics. Davis and Weber Counties have slightly more people than Utah County. Combined, the two counties have two temples, three if you count Brigham City. Utah County has two current temples and will soon have four.

So we balance this out by putting a temple in Kaysville, nicely tucked between Ogden and Bountiful. Think of it as the Provo City Center Temple of the north.

Argument against:

The Ogden Temple was just rededicated after a lengthy facelift that would make Bruce Jenner envious.

Seriously, Utah? Where¬†isn’t there a temple at this point? We know Delta and Tooele are out of the question.

Personally, I’m hoping for a floating temple in Bear Lake.