Episode #271 – Marco, We Are Your Polo

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The Boss

The Boss

Could Marco Rubio be the first "Mormon" president? Oh yes! Mormon missionary myths! Also, one of us has a big announcement.

We go through a number of Mormon missionary myths, because they are important. So very important. But really, what myths do you have?

Mormons are the most reliable Republicans. It’s shocking.

There’s a petition to excommunicate Harry Reid. Let’s talk about how misguided this is.

Marco Rubio could technically be the first Mormon president! Take that, Mittie!

The Church has signed a friend-of-the-court amicus brief about protecting the definition of marriage. In a related note, Josh Weed and his wife – the openly gay man happily married to his wife – take issue with their example being used to support the brief, as they do not support it.

Did you know that former Mormons can still be business savvy and make a modest clothing line? It’s madness!

A Vivint bro dresses down for Obama. ’cause respect.

Open house tickets for the Payson Utah Temple are now available!

Apparently Brian Williams was “obsessed” with Mitt Romney’s garments.

Hey, and there’s a great podcast right now from LeadingLDS about active church leaders experience same-sex attraction. Seriously, listen to it.

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