Interior Photos of the Payson Utah Temple

With the Payson Utah Temple open house starting this week, we have some great interior images of this wonderful House of the Lord.

The open house for the Payson Utah Temple kicks off later this week (reserve tickets here or call 855-537-2000), and while we hope many of you will get the chance to head down there and tour this wonderful, holy house in person, the lion’s share of us won’t be so lucky in the immediate future.

But fear not! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released some sweet imagery of the Payson Utah Temple, most of it consisting of those elusive interior shots.

Mormon temple architecture and design language is an evolving and fascinating subject, and it’s great to see the little flourishes that go into each temple and make it unique, especially in an era of generally accepted floorplans. Payson will celebrate the southern charm of southern Utah County! (This is where we use an emoticon with a wink or tongue out or something.)

So check out the gallery below and share the love.

The Payson Utah Temple open house runs from Friday April 24 to Saturday May 23. The temple will be dedicated over three dedicatory sessions on Sunday, June 7, 2015.

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