Episode #274 – The Luxury of Stepping Down

The Boss

The Boss

Online tithing is a reality. Should elderly Mormon leaders retire? How can you help in Nepal? Symbolism on temples!

Online tithing payment is now officially a thing, but you must be patient with the rollout. Moreover, we should remember that tithing is confidential, so if you are entrusted with tithing knowledge, don’t be casual in discussing it.

We’ve got some great followup to last week’s discussion on apostolic health and age, including a podcast from Radio West featuring Richard Bushman and Charles Prince.

The Cedar City Temple gets a groundbreaking announcement, and the Montréal Québec Temple gets a rededication announcement. Huzzah!

So… Baltimore sucked last week. Many stakes across the Eastern Seaboard fasted for peace and renewal of Charm City. What should Mormons do when facing civil strife like this?

The Church donates money to help kids be judges in Israel. Wait….

How can you help in Nepal? Our own Dustin Homer has some ideas.

Assorted news: missionaries to return to Liberia and Sierra Leone; Elder Christofferson attends a religious freedom event in Brazil; the seal of Melchizedek on the San Diego Temple; 8 famous people who became Mormons; and a Book of Mormon spared by fire brings a family to baptism.

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