Why is judging so rampant in Mormon culture? Surely few of us mean it to be, but it is, and a number of recent articles and incidents speak to Mormonism’s difficulty with letting discipleship be personal.

Take, for example, Stirlinggate™, wherein Lindsey Stirling, a lovely, outspoken, happily LDS woman wore a dress to an awards show that ruffled a few feathers. We go from praising to vilifying rather quickly.

Or gay rights activist Mitch Mayne, who cannot fathom why it’s anyone’s business whether or not he has a temple recommend.

Or Bryce Harper, who is seen as too “edgy” in some Mormon circles.

Join us as we talk at length about these stories and how they relate to the way we too often assume everyone else needs to be as perfect as Christ, erring not.

And in other huge news, Boy Scouts of America head Robert Gates (formerly the Secretary of Defense and head of the CIA) says the time has come to do away with the antiquated practice of barring gay leaders within Boy Scouts’ ranks. The Church has opined on the matter by saying it will opine more as it the situation develops.

In other news, Mitt Romney pretended to box, we have 10 tips for how to remain faithful to your spouse, we also talk about new LDS.org menu items, temple dedications, and a bunch of other goodies.

So join us, will you?

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