What’s up with Mormons and multi-level marketing? Why are we so attracted to it? Let’s talk about this.

There are a number of news items this week, including the Payson Utah Temple dedication, plus the announcement of the Provo City Center Temple dedication. Utah County will want for nothing!

What about Bryce Harper? Apparently he hates BYU. Does this make us love him more? Or less?!

Polygamy is increasingly en vogue in America. Uh oh.

Other news: a Mormon political party wants to “call” Mormons to run; John Huntsman and Mitt Romney are “Mormon rivals;” AMAZING LDS.org stock photos; a Provo church is converted to apartments; a couple has “faith” by traveling; Elder Holland speaks to the British parliament; and some other goodies!

And “As Sisters in Zion” gets a new treatment. A remix! A redub!

Plus: plenty of “South Pacific” references.

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