The Church announces changes to the structure of sacrament meeting coordination, looping in the entire ward council. Both genders shall now be blessed beyond measure.

What would it mean for the prophet to “lead us astray,” and how do we support and sustain the prophet? How do we follow while still weighing things and having open discussion?

LDS Music finally drops for Android. Congrats, world.

A blogger discusses our obligation to Mother Earth, and how we can be better stewards over the great temporal blessings we’re given.

Some youth build a replica of the Nauvoo Temple and then it gets destroyed. It’s actually a pretty cool activity with a strong message.

Assorted news: a Provo Openshaw family dies in a plane crash; a new member of the General Sunday School Presidency; a guy sets fire to churches because he hates churches! A dying man visits 100 temples before he dies; and a baptist says Mormons are becoming Christians. Yep.

Also, Geoff’s suggestions for pregnancy movies!

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