Americans are suddenly more inclined to vote for a Mormon than an Evangelical. Where was America in 2012? We are now Mittless!

We have loads of great dating advice for you, including how to maintain eye contact, the proper use of wands, and when to incorporate dialogue fromĀ The Lion King into your approach.

The Church is set to index 4 million slave names, which is really, really awesome. There’s been a roadblock for many to complete their lines and this will be a big help.

The Trujillo Peru Temple was dedicated over the weekend, bringing us up to 147 dedicated temples. 147!!!

Do you remember that mission prep app one of us relentlessly mocked a few months ago? Well it got funded, so we will have some form of something in (maybe?) a few months. Look for a full review here when it comes out.

The Orem Owlz cancel “Caucasian Night” for obvious reasons.

Kate Kelly: One Year On. A new Lifetime movie. Not really, but an article in a newspaper that’s not Deseret News.

A new show will purportedly show a Mormon character in nothing but garments. Are you outraged?

Lastly, Feminist Mormon Housewives are holding a fundraiser for formerly FLDS women. It’s a good cause.

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