Bryce Harper Mormon

We know that Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper marches to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t fit any “traditional” molds of Mormonism, but perhaps the issue is with everyone else if we have decided what is “normal” for Mormons.

However, there are some lines one must not cross, and Mr. Harper has crossed the River Styx into the land of BYU hatin’. How dare he. In a recent interview with a bunch of Vivint bros moonlighting at the MLB Network, Mr. Harper, when asked about his favorite incorrect Mormon stereotype, utters the blasphemous words, “That everybody likes BYU that’s Mormon. I hate BYU.”

You might remember Bryce Harper’s now-ex-fiance once played soccer for BYU. Could this be the reason for his anger towards the Lord’s university?!

Also, he loves driving his ’69 Camaro on Sundays but fails to say whether that is TO ELDERS QUORUM or out HOME TEACHING.

That said, the fact that Bryce Harper references Mr. Baseball is reason enough to love him.

You can see the segment in its entirety below. The BYU profanity is at about minute 12:00.