President Boyd K. Packer passes away. We share our thoughts and memories on his ministry and life. Go well, Boyd.

Mormon leaders have pushed for stronger Sabbath observance from members of the Church. What does that mean to you? Why this new push? How can you improve your Sunday activites?

Did your ward read a letter from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve this past Sunday? Will it this Sunday? How did it go with regard to the same-sex marriage ruling? Some wards seem to have discussions. Others just blow past it.

The Church contributes to a LGBT advocacy group, and it’s awesome.

Kate Kelly is out at Ordain Women. She has resigned from the group’s executive board, but apparently she wasn’t the actual leader of the organization. No one is? It makes little sense.

Missionaries in 108 missions around the world will now no longer be required to bring a suit on their mission. At all. But will they still have testimonies?!

Bryce Harper gets naked for ESPN magazine, running afoul of For the Strength of Youth.

Polygamists in Montana try to register for marriage licenses. It’s starting, folks. It’s starting.

Cliven Bundy will be the King of Nevada!

And lastly, a great Stephen Colbert segment with Boyd K. Packer. Watch it below.