Episode #284 – The Mathias Debut

Steve Soelberg replaces Geoff on this week's show, bringing with him humor and pathos. Also, the Church is developing its Florida land into a huge city.

Geoff sits out this week’s show for the first time in 284 straight weeks and is replaced by friend-of-the-show and friend-of-life Steve Soelberg. But don’t fear! This week’s TWiM will be as good – nay – better than any episode before it!

Remember when the Church bought up 2% of Florida? Apparently that wasn’t just for Second Coming preparations as plans have been revealed that show the Church’s plans to build a monstrous master-planned city of 500,000 people. So we started with condos at City Creek and moved up to condos in Philly and (maybe) Arlington, VA, and now we’re building whole cities! Maybe an arena was lost somewhere in the middle?

In other development news, residents of Lehi Utah are miffed that the Church wants to develop office buildings on the site of a driving range. Naughty.

Elder Russell M. Nelson is now officially the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, next in line to the not-a-throne, and the block on Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ rise to power.

Also, remember that alleged meth-making BYU student who says he was making soap? Well, he got sentenced for his malfeasance.

A fire in Los Angeles devours a Mormon meetinghouse there, and repairs will take roughly two years. The congregation will relocate in the interim.

Boy Scouts of America officially endorses gay adult leaders, and the Church responds in reasonably murky fashion.

Provo has a fire, and people must pay!

The Indianapolis Temple gets an open house.

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