Episode #285 – In Our Lovely Hurricane

Hurricane Utah
Richard Bushman hits us with some seriously smart counsel; can women count money? Is it time for non-white apostles? #IAmAPionner. Are you?

Geoff returns. Rest easy.

Can women count money? Why don’t women serve in any financial roles in the Church? We know there are priesthood stewardship issues at play, but a recent article at The Exponent highlights the fact that women could serve as stake auditors as recently as 2010, until Handbook 1 was updated.

Our Facebook page gets really upset over Harry Reid. Facebook are judges in Israel. Who knew?

Peggy Fletcher Stack wants to talk about the grand “opportunity” the Brethren have to call apostles not from whitewashed Utah. She informs us that the “world is watching,” even though it’s not. So how does this sort of revelation transpire?

We have 11 signs that you’re dating a 19th-century RM. It is hardcore. And it’s for those with a sense of humor about church history. It is not for those who get upset at laughing about church history.

Author Richard Bushman does a Reddit AMA, and the results are pretty interesting. There are lots of powerful insights for the saints to apply. Make sure to click the link below to get the full rundown.

Since Pioneer Day is coming, there’s a new #IAmAPioneer campaign, and we aren’t in love with it.

In other news: history of the Church in the Washington, DC area; biblical women referred to as a “prophetess;” there is no more free agency; 16 leaders who have thrown out MLB first pitches; pay your tithing or get fined; a Mormon in Anaheim gets killed by taggers

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