Boy Scouts of America opens the doors for gay leaders to serve within troops and the Church is mighty upset over the whole thing. We feel the Church’s reaction is strangely pouty, so let’s talk about what’s going on and what to expect going forward, including a new scouting program developed by the Church itself.

Famed book The Miracle of Forgiveness is slowly going out of physical print, but no word on its digital distribution. Is the Church backing away from a sometimes controversial book or have market forces rendered physical publication moot?

Remember that driving range the Church wanted to tear down and replace with office buildings? The people have spoken and like the Ethiopians fighting the Italians, have fought back the larger power. No offices for you.

Should we develop a dating show for Al? Please say yes. Please participate!

An art exhibit at BYU featuring an allusion to Heavenly Mother is robbed, because that’s the classy thing to do people.

Some Mormons are leading the charge to crowdsource an annotated, paginated, interfaith Bible.

How should we celebrate the Sabbath? The Church actually has a proactive program about improved Sabbath observance, and we love it. It’s so nice to see something beyond a social media campaign.

The Cedar City Utah Temple groundbreaking is a-happenin’!