Namibia Gets Spotlight in LDS Church “Report”

a tv best deseert
What do you know about Namibia? If you don't watch "The World Report" between sessions of General Conference, you're missing out on the chance to learn!

What do you know about Namibia? That it is the only African country that was a colony of another African country? That some people there still speak German? That the Namib Desert is one of the most awesome deserts in the world?

OK, we know that General Conference is already a lot of hours to sit in front of a TV (despite being fed truths of the everlasting gospel), but if you aren’t watching The World Report that is typically broadcast between sessions, you really are missing out. So let’s learn more about one of Africa’s youngest countries.

a desert interview
The TV crew interviews Marcel Hans Noble, Branch President of Swakopmund Branch, whilst standing in the Namib Desert near his home.

From the Mormon Newsroom:

The World Report completed their recent African tour by visiting Namibia, following filming in West Africa and Mozambique. The group was tasked with documenting the growth of the Church in Africa, as well as the faith and strength of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the continent. Namibia has a little something unusual to offer, with its rolling dunes, wild animals and famous Skeleton Coast. A new district (multi-congregation) was recently created in the country and the work of the Lord has been moving forward at a fast pace. The following photo essay captures some of the stories and images of this amazing corner of the world.

a flamingo
Capturing footage of the flamingos is videographer David Nystul.
a tv best deseert
The desert rolls down towards the Atlantic Ocean, providing amazing African sunsets.
a tv kirsche
The beautiful Lutheran Church stands directly below the site where the country of Namibia was dedicated for missionary work by Elder Russell M. Nelson in the 1990s.

The World Report is a fun and educational glimpse at the work of spreading the gospel as well the culture of the worldwide church. It takes the viewer to the far flung corners of the vineyard, highlighting stories you might have missed (especially if you don’t read TWiM every day!), and perhaps most importantly, watching The World Report feels like the visual manifestation of everything you hear over Gordon B. Hinckley’s black walnut podium in the Conference Center. It’s the record of where the rubber hits the road, literally. And with its blend of geography, nature, people and places, history and current events, and how everything the light touches, Simba, is the kingdom of God…well, you can imagine that it’s something we at TWiM love as well.

Check out more photos and information about The World Report at the Namibia site of the Mormon Newsroom and don’t forget to tune in next #LDSConf.


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