We ponder how to combat spiritual and/or church fatigue. It happens. It’s real. We’re not discounting that. But is a one-year sabbatical the appropriate answer? Let’s talk about this.

In major news, the LDS Church has added women to its three primary committees at the highest levels: the Priesthood and Family Executive Council, the Missionary Executive Council, and the Temple and Family History Executive Council. This is big, folks, even if it’s already been happening for years.

The Church announces 2016 curriculum, and nothing will change.

A poll states that a majority of Utahns support severing the Church’s ties with Boy Scouts of America, but why? And when did this change? We may never know due to a lack of appropriately thorough research.

A woman paints portraits of all of Joseph Smith’s wives. We think it’s cool.

Single people are not sad and lonely and pathetic, but maybe cuddle parties are not the answer.

Other news: Lindsey Stirling trolls haters; inmates do indexing; a history of Mormons in San Bernardino; new family history center in St. Georgia; bishop carjacked in England in hospital with a coma.