What a weird week. Ashley Madison messes. Stock market dips. Saturday’s Warrior: the Movie. Everything we thought we knew has been turned upside down.

Are you drowning in a sea of marriage? Are you angry or troubled that the Church’s broader narrative of marriage and family, and how it doesn’t account for our growing single population? One blogger is. One podcaster isn’t. Find out more.

We have ten ways for you to be totally miserable at Church

Also, are here are nine sins Christians are OK with.

Turns out some doof used his BYU email to get an Ashley Madison account, but the number of U of U accounts is way, way higher.

Germany’s two temples will be down for the county, so what does this mean for the rest of us? And what of Geoff’s amazing map? What does Al think of it?

Peggy Fletcher Stack is unhappy that there’s still a key Church committee without female leaders: correlation. No women. Anywhere.

Other stuffs: a recent widower visits all North American temples in honor of his late wife; the first wave of young missionaries are going back to college; the Indianapolis Temple is dedicated; Julie de Azevedo is a hero; modesty is for real.

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