Welcome to the best three minutes of your day. AnĀ artist named “Jamesthemormon” has released an awesome video entitled “Restoration” in which he and a cohort rap and sing about Joseph Smith’s search for truth, and how it applies to us today.

It’s seriously a great song, and it might be the first instance of actual, non-parody Mormon rap we’ve ever seen (except, of course, for this).

And since Jamesthemormon has said on his Facebook page that his song is a free-for-all, we’re taking that to mean an open license, thus creating another TWiM theme song!

Isn’t it somewhat amusing/bemusing that we should be impressed or shocked by legitimately good Mormon-infused rap? Mormons have covered so many genres, but rap seems so novel for some reason. I need not your Kenneth Cope, sir. I needeth Jamesthemormon.

But seriously, check out the video, shot in front of the Provo City Center Temple while stitching in imagery of totally-is-definitely-licensed footage from some of the Joseph Smith movies.

Kudos to you, Jamesthemormon. You’re hired as our music director.

Also, mad props for the Shia Lebeouf reference.