Online Tithing Payment Rolls Out to Southern United States

The availability of online tithing expands to further reaches of glorious America.

Thanks to Larry Richman over at LDS Media Talk, we now know that online tithing payment has been expanded beyond Utah into the Idaho, North America Southeast, and North America Southwest areas. This basically means a swing across most of the southern United States plus Idaho. Below is a very, very, potentially erroneous map of the included areas.

Online Tithing Areas

Online payment is super easy. Simply go to and look for “Donations” under the “My Ward” tab.

Courtesy of LDS Media Talk


After that, you’ll be prompted to set up Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) directly from a checking or savings account. No credit, cards, naturally, though if they had allowed them, how much irony would there be to allow the saints to finance their tithing? Those are the questions I don’t want to answer.

The Church’s web designers have (wisely?) decided that skeuomorphism isn’t dead, and in a move that would make Jony Ive bristle with anger, the online tithing “slip” looks like unto a real slip, even down to little digital perforations and dot matrix-esque holes.

Courtesy of LDS Media Talk
Courtesy of LDS Media Talk

Link up your bank account and make it rain, people!

Now the bummer here is that this little “donate” text is on everyone’s page, regardless of IP address or login info. It even remains after logging in, which surprises me given the current permission-centric nature of our logins. Should you make the grave error of attempting to use online tithing, you’ll be greeted with this message:

No online donations for you

Pretty sneaky, eh? So congrats to all the saints in Arkansas, and lamentations to California and DC, my two homes, both of which haven’t made it past this round. Sure, sure, the members in Texas deserve online tithing, but the bankrollers in California are expected to continue to use paper and destroy mother nature? In a state with a DROUGHT? I cry foul, good sirs.

Alright, so enjoy not interfacing with your bishopric member and not being happily accountable in person for your tithing. You enjoy that, folks. This Sunday I will look my bishop into his crystalline blue eyes while I hand him my share of the Lord’s money, and we shall both be blessed. A computer can’t smile at me.

No word yet on Venmo functionality.

Source: LDS Media Talk


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