Vandals Desecrate Colorado’s Newest LDS Temple

photo of temple construction - August 19 via
In the latest in a string of attacks on local churches, vandals take to the construction site of the Fort Collins LDS Temple.

*UPDATE* – The Church has released a statement regarding the vandalism:

“We are saddened by the vandalism at the construction site of the Fort Collins Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and at other places of worship in the area…. Both the construction company and the church are working closely with local authorities as they pursue their investigation. Questions regarding the nature of the vandalism should be directed to local law enforcement.”

FORT COLLINS, Colorado — In this otherwise friendly city in northern Colorado, it appears that an unknown number of vandals are targeting churches in the area, with the latest being the LDS Temple there, which is still under construction.

The damage included parts of the building but the vandals also took to the construction machinery on Monday, going so far as to drive a piece of machinery into the temple itself. Tagging with spray paint was also present and part of the criminal act, though the details of what it said or depicted are unknown.

photo of temple construction - August 19 via
photo of temple construction – August 19 – via

Being the most recent occurrence in a string of attacks on churches in Fort Collins, officials are assuming that there is a connection, but the perpetrators still remain at large, and police are still searching for suspects.

Details of the damage are not being released so the financial loss remains unknown, but regardless of the dollar amount, the real tragedy is that people would vandalize churches in the first place.

Do you live in Fort Collins? You can read more about the specifics of the crime and local contact information if you know or see anything related to the incident.

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