Episode #291 – Vivint Guys Don’t Have Children

Mormon rapper and all-around-great-guy James Curran aka James the Mormon joins us to talk about answering the call to spread the gospel via his music.

We’re joined by James Curran, also known as James the Mormon on YouTube. He sits down with us to talk about what compelled him to use original rap songs as his own missionary tool. It’s all pretty friggin’ awesome.

And because you love other news, other news you shall have:

The Church sticks with Boy Scouts of America, surprising many. You can still get that Eagle Scout… for now.

Also a new series from the Mormon Channel on addiction recovery is real and powerful. We hope you’ll check it out and spread the word.

President Uchtdorf dedicates a shopping center at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Also, Marriott builds a hotel on Church land.

The cast of Saturday’s Warrior has been announced, and Alex Boyé is playing everything!

Women on Tinder love BYU men. Men on Tinder do not care about BYU women.

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