185th Semiannual General Conference Tie Tracker

Silk ties rolled in a shop window display
A grand #LDSCONF tradition is among us. Join This Week in Mormons as we break down the neckwear trends throughout General Conference using our Tie Tracker!

Silk ties rolled in a shop window display

Ahoy! What is this, the fourth year running of our wonderful, glorious, insightful Tie Tracker™? It is a splendid endeavor in which hearts are touched, joy is felt, happiness is expressed, sartorial choices are made, and passive voice is used.

For newbies, what we’re doing here is tracking all neckwear trends across every session of General Conference. Why? Why not. This is a game where the points don’t matter. If anything, it shows us how predictable some tie choices are.

For example: pay attention to President Uchtdorf. Chances are he’ll be the one General Authority to change his tie for every single session, including priesthood. He’s also most likely to have some pizzazz in his ties. Basically, the Silver Fox wins.

So this year, will stripes continue their usual domination, as was the case in April? Will Red and Blue continue to duke it out for color supremacy or will some wild disruptor, like green mix things up? (Green and Orange are typically the least-worn colors).

We love your input as #LDSCONF goes on, so please join us on Twitter to offer your input on the Tie Tracker™ using the creative hashtag #TieTracker.

We’ll add a breakdown after every session, so make sure to visit often. Happy Conference!

Sunday Afternoon Session

Well what a conference it was, folks. Thanks for Tie Tracking with us.

There were some reasonably predictable movements here, though patterns actually went toe-to-toe with stripes and managed an even result in the end. Impressive!

Also, as expected, red held on. Silver, on the other hand, deserves a special mention this conference. Rarely do we see such a presence from our Olympic podium shades. Gold also over performed, barely coming in behind silver.

It was also fitting that we started conference with a coral tie, and also got one in the last session. There’s some sort of haiku or chiasmus in there.

Best Tie: Elder Kim B. Clark, undoubtedly. That thing was nuts.

Sunday Morning Session

First off, we’re glad President Monson made it through his talk. We thought he was going to collapse, or we’d have a moment like there was with Elder Wirthlin a few years ago. Who knows it that might be his last testimony from the pulpit, but it was strong.

As we predicted, stripes came back hard, but a push by patterns on the back end of the session ensured the hilltop remained under pattern control. Patterns’ strategic partner, dots, however, was basically a no-show and is now effectively out of the coalition.

As for colors, red, per usual, started to consolidate its position. It will be difficult–if not impossible–for another color to stage a comeback before the end.

Best Tie: Elder Renlund, mostly because his talk was awesome. 

Priesthood Session

We told you so. Stripes came out fighting, getting to near parity with dots and patterns. Look for a continued surge throughout your Sunday session.

Best Tie: Draw

Saturday Afternoon Session

First things first: welcome to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Elders Rasband, Stevenson, and Renlund. It’s going to be great to see these men in action.

Now, onto the terrible collapse of stripes. What is happening here? Was there a directive from the top to tone down the ties? Even President Eyring hasn’t tied it up, and he’s normally quite reliable when it comes to getting his parallel lines on. So who knows.

The big surprise so far has been the strong presence of silver and/or grey. We usually get very little, but silver is now second only to red, which is rare.

Best Tie: A, erm, tie between Elders Holland and Foster, who clearly shared a tie.

Saturday Morning Session

Dotted ties came out swinging this session. In fact, usually dominant stripes made a comparatively poor showing as dots and patterns cleaned up across the session.

Will stripes come back and dominate, especially in a testosterone-fueled priesthood session? Stay tuned!

Best Tie: Elder Larry R. Lawrence’s silver/grey visual bombardment.

General Women’s Meeting

Those poor eight-year-olds. Count your blessings, men. You don’t have to attend priesthood until you are twelve.

We only counted two ties in this session: the coral deal worn by President Uchtdorf, and the red tie worn by a lengthy still shot of the late President Boyd K. Packer, as he was quoted. The shot was longer than the time it takes for the Church’s auditor to do his spiel every April, so we’re counting it.

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