Lisbon Portugal Temple

*Updated 22 October* – We now have an artist’s rendering.

The First Presidency has announced the groundbreaking for the Lisbon Portugal Temple on Saturday, 5 December 2015. The services will be by invitation only and overseen by Elder Patrick Kearon of the Europe Area Presidency. The Lisbon Portugal Temple was announced in the October 2010 Semiannual General Conference and has dealt with site woes for a few years, hence the delay in construction.

Having moved locations to a site along Avenida Dom João II, close to the Tagus River, the temple will be Portugal’s first, serving six stakes and four districts (assuming the temple district is coterminous with Portugal’s boundary with Spain). Temple patrons currently attend the Madrid Spain Temple, which serves Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, and one stake in France.

From a design perspective, this actually isn’t very audacious. We know that in recent years the Church has embarked upon a program to make temples more architecturally significant, but this looks reasonably conservative and modern, aside from the gilded spire. There is very little inherently Portuguese going on here. Tucson this is not.

Below is a map showing Wards, Branches, and Stakes in Portugal. Data from

Architectural plans and renderings have yet to be announced, so expect that big reveal further down the road, potentially at the groundbreaking itself! #Excitement!

Stay tuned for more updates.