Mormons are being decidedly uncharitable toward Syrian and other refugees. What gives? What is driving this in the wake of the Paris attacks? It seems oddly un-Christian of Mormons even when taking into account completely valid concerns about national security. So sound off, listeners. Tell us why we’re wrong.

We’ve also had some Handbook clarification after last week’s fiasco. Not every child with a gay parent will be temporarily blocked from baptism. It’s more complex than that, but at least there’s a bit more hope involved.

An enterprising author on Forbes tries to explain why BYU students use Snapchat, a service hithertofore only known ostensibly for sexting. Yep. It’s great stuff.

Over 100 years ago, a disgruntled former Mormon snuck into the Salt Lake Temple to take pictures of the interior, hoping to blackmail the Church into paying him off in order to prevent the photos from going public. But the Church’s response? Listen in to find out.

A porn company want to sponsor a professional soccer team. It’s come to this, folks. The Los Angeles Galaxy, brought to you by Porn.

We have a dynamite list of 11 religiously undeclared actors who starred in Mormon films. WHAT? THIS CAN HAPPEN??!

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