Episode #304 – Dirty Cheerwine

Loyal Opposition Mormon
Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Can Mormons actually be loyally opposed to doctrine and/or policy? How can we keep the Sabbath holy while enjoying our individualism?

Can you be “loyally opposed” to stuff in Church? There are key differences between doctrine and policy, and it’s also important that we define what it means to sustain our leaders. So how do we navigate the turbulent waters of disagreement with stuff that happens sometimes in church? Even famed Jeopardy contestant and apparent official analyst of Mormon issues Ken Jennings has something to say about it.

With the Church’s push to make the Sabbath a delight comes the inevitable judgment and oneupmanship with trying to gauge how “well” we keep the Sabbath vs others. But the Sabbath will be different for all of us, no? Should it?

Pope Francis is aggressively opening up the Vatican’s finances but Salt Lake continues to keep the Church’s finances on lockdown. Why is that? What risks are there in revealing the LDS Church’s finances?

LDS Living asks how it would be if we treated our Book of Mormon like our cell phone. Our answers are sarcastic and glib.

After a hiatus much shorter than we anticipated or hoped, end-of-days-er Julie Rowe is back with a new book. Help us get her on the show!

Other news: Donald Trump’s spokeswoman is a naif on Mormonism; Utah has dirty soda wars; the AV Club covers Mormon Cinema; MTC missionaries prepare 350,000 Thanksgiving dinners; and don’t forget the First Presidency Christmas Devotional this Sunday!

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