Episode #305 – Clinton on Sax While Nephi Burns

Donald Trump Racist
Good on the Church for tacitly speaking out on Donald Trump; good on the 12 Days of Social initiative for being cool. Good on all of you for listening.

It’s Christmas time! And what better way to commemorate it than to talk about the Church not-so-opaquely pushing out a press release on religious freedom in the wake of Donald Trump’s ridiculous remarks about Muslims. Yep.

The Church’s Twelve Days of Social campaign keeps going, with Alex Boyé continuing to refuse to write his own music and Lindsey Stirling dancing around the New York Subway while the public looks on unawares.

A visitor to the Beehive House alleges the guides claimed Brigham Young only had two wives, and this is CLEARLY an indicator of the evil conspiracy in Salt Lake. Clearly. Or just poorly trained guides. It might be that, Rolly. It might be that.

Also, lots of Word of Wisdom talk.

BYU Broadcasting wins 10 Emmys. TEN!

Bronco Mendenhall, if that’s really his name, is leaving BYU for the bucolic hills of Charlottesville, VA to coach at University of Virginia. Will you miss him?

Other news: the Church is now redeveloping Riverton. No suburb unturned. A Zombie nativity. Jon McNaughton on submissions. Elder Holland tours the Middle East. Women in combat roles: what does it mean for Mormons?

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