Merry Christmas to one and all!

The Church’s #ASavoirIsBorn campaign and associated video have done remarkably well during the holiday season, with the video ranking in the top ten viral videos of the season. It’s mostly just retailers and Boncom, folks. Go, Boncom.

Down in Hildale, Utah (polygamous FLDS country), some are celebrating Christmas for the first time in decades. Why no Christmas for the FLDS? Why Christmas now? Let’s find out.

Keeping with southern Utah, the Church fought to prevent a restaurant from getting an alcohol permit. Why? Why does it care? Should we care? Let’s learn about some interesting dynamics between church and state in Washington County.

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich (whom all Republicans should consider) visits Welfare Square, openly wishing that all of America knew about it. It’s a pretty cool endorsement, especially considering most candidates skip Utah and very few area aware of the Church’s welfare model.

In other do-gooder news, an American Fork stake spends every Wednesday engaging in service and humanitarian efforts. Also, President Monson dooms pet rabbits to their death.

Aside from that, plenty of banter and about forty potential episode names, but we stuck with this one because reasons.

Have a great holiday, everyone!