Happy New Year!

Did socialism save the early Church? Defying convention, a very left-leaning LDS publication thinks so, but so does Al. Sort of.

Many folks are upset over a “Giver or Getter” graphic appearing in the most recent issue of the New Era. What’s all the fuss about? Can we be both givers and getters?

An enterprising individual posts to Craigslist to trade missions with someone else. We love it. Fools don’t.

And a bazillion mentions, including: Tayson Hill wooed to University of Virginia; is the Star Valley Wyoming Temple being rushed to make sure President Monson sees it? There’s a useless LDS guide to Starbucks. Missionaries create their own Haka. The Church isn’t into paid maternity leave. Dieter visits Tijuana. The Friend adds new section for… kids. And more!